I hate automatic flushing toilets. I hate that they take away your power of choice. I’m the kind of person who likes to get completely ready to leave the bathroom stall before flushing, and toilets that flush automatically are triggered by standing up. I don’t think men have this problem. Also, they only work half the time, and people just walk away from them. If the technology doesn’t work then there’s no point in making the effort to do it yourself. They encourage laziness in a society that’s already far too willing to let other people do their work for them. I understand that they are supposed to be more sanitary, but that’s why people started flushing toilets with their feet in the first place. Toilets spray when they flush. Flushing the second you stand up means that they spray all over you and your stuff, rather than spraying on the door when you conveniently escape right after flushing (you know, when you gather your stuff before flushing). I realize that I’m probably reading way too much into this (and not using paragraph break because I’m typing from my phone), but I’ve thought of this hatred nearly every day for the past month, at least. I hate automatic flushing toilets. They suck. Thank you for reading my rant. What do you irrationally hate, dear imaginary reader? Please, let me know.


P.S.- I also dislike automatic sinks (there is no way to control the temperature) and automatic paper towel dispensers (they hardly ever work for me), but I do much enjoy automatic gearshifts as I would be entirely screwed without them.


3 thoughts on “Automatic

    • A) That’s a fear. B) It’s completely rational. An elevator is a small metal box suspended by very thin wires that you’re expected to cram into with other people and hope not to fall to your death. Like I said, completely rational fear.

      • Hatred, fear, it’s both. I hate elevators and kind of refuse to admit I’m “afraid” of them, because that makes me feel like I’m weaker than the elevator, or something irrational like that. Yeah.

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