Hello, all. For those of you who  haven’t realized, I have not posted in a while. I was participating in Camp NaNoWriMo for all of April, and I am having shoulder problems that make typing difficult. Surgery to correct the problem is scheduled for the fourteenth, and I’ll be in a sling for approximately three weeks after that, so hopefully I’ll be able to post somewhat frequently after that.

The reason for my posting, other than the update, is to rant about lots of awful stuff. Yay!

I had to go into school today to get some things situated, since I won’t be able to drive for a couple weeks. I’m dual-enrolled, which means that I take all of my classes at the local college instead of the high school. (This means that I’m already done with my classes for the semester, but I had to go in to my high school for some graduation stuff.)

Teenagers often complain that they aren’t treated as adults, no matter how adult-like they feel. Today, I found out why. It’s because of the people who work in high schools. Teachers, administrators, various staff, almost nobody treats students like adults–hell, they don’t even treat students like people. I’ve had the luxury of being away from it for the past year, but today I remembered exactly how bad it could be. It doesn’t matter if you’re technically, legally and adult, if you are a student in a high school, you will be treated like a five year old. Everybody else’s needs will come in front of yours, and the only way to get things done is to get your parents to yell at the higher-ups. All that does is teach kids that yelling works and that our opinions don’t matter.

Sure, some teenagers are surly. I understand that many of these teachers have dealt with simply awful people in the past, but assuming that every student who walks through your door will be like the worst of them only encourages us to act out. How else are we supposed to get your attention? By fulfilling your expectations. It’s a vicious cycle, and how are we supposed to stop it? Even “good” kids like myself are forced to throw tantrums in order to get shit done.

I was told that I had to get a sheet of paper signed (one that it took me over an hour to get ahold of, since everybody kept sending me to somebody else, not wanting to deal with me themselves), but had to wait for twenty minutes while an administrator gossiped with a friend–after and before getting yelled at for interrupting her lunch hour (the only time she was actually available to sign the damn paper). She huffed as she typed in my ID number (after I rattled it off to her, as she was far too lazy to actually read it off of the paper), grudgingly signed, and shooed me out of the office.

Sorry for ranting so much. Bitch, whine, complain. Sigh. Sorry, again. I just look at our society and wonder how it got this bad.

I’ll see all of you in about a month.



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