Something Fun

I was going to post about my tattoo, but I’m sick of talking about pain at the moment, so instead you get a bird! 🙂

I was dragged to a street fair a few weeks ago with my mother and her friends. I thought I would be bored and hungry the whole time, but I hoped I’d get to see some cool art or something while I was there. Quite honestly, the fair was a bit disappointing. It was much smaller than previous years, and there weren’t a whole lot of people there (either vendors or customers). But there was a bird display, so that was pretty cool.

Some of the birds were rather large and loud (and therefore scary), but there were a couple of smaller ones like this little guy:


He sat on my finger for a good twenty minutes and refused to move. 🙂 He was a sweetheart and only left when the trainer came over to give him a treat. Plus I got a wonderful picture of him. Who knew camera phones could be so good? Overall, a very happy moment.


The Big City

2) Go to New York City

In August, I started school. In September, my best friend started. Laura and I have known each other for years. We were in the same kindergarten class, we were in the gifted program together in elementary school, we moderately disliked each other for a while in middle school, and we reconnected in high school. We bonded over a love of books and writing and laughter, and I wouldn’t trade that for the world. Laura is the best friend I’ve ever had (and we’ve both had our share of false friends). But she left me.

My entire life, I’ve been the one to leave. I’ve moved more times than I care to count, and I’ve gone to an incomprehensible number of schools. I’ve lost track. (I think it’s around nine or ten?) And I’ve left Laura before. In kindergarten, I moved to a different school. When I came back, I stayed for quite some time, but I left her when I started hanging out with a different group of friends. I moved away again in eighth grade. I’ve left her over and over, and she’s always been right there waiting for me to come back. But now it’s her turn to leave.

This time will be different, though. (Isn’t it always?) We aren’t going to lose each other. We are going to maintain the best long-distance relationship in the history of forever. She’s a thousand miles away, and I flew on a plane for the first time in years in order to help move her in. We went to New York City together, and it was beautiful. It was amazing and so much fun, and I desperately want to go back. I miss her. But it’s my turn to be left behind for a little while.


74) Talk to ten strangers in day

There is a squirrel that lives near the visitor parking in my school, and he likes to hide under cars and run out at people walking past. He chatters at them until they stop walking and proceeds to run back under the car he’s picked that day. I consider him to be conversation number one. He was also the talking point for conversation number two:

*I stop walking to listen to the squirrel*

Random Stranger: “He’s pretty cool, yeah?”

Me: “Yeah, he’s adorable.”

RS: “I’ve never seen one this close before, and he doesn’t even seem to be scared.”

Me: “I know! It’s insane. That’s why I stopped walking.”

*end convo*

I wish I could say that all my conversations were intense and in-depth, but I’ve realized that not every interaction is. Sometimes, you just have passing little talks about squirrels in parking lots. And that’s okay. After this, I recalled my bucket list and decided to make it a point to talk to strangers. It felt odd, though, tallying these people up in my head. It was also weird to realize that they had no idea that they were going to become part of my quest to do something with my life. And I think that’s pretty cool. Even if all we talked about was a squirrel.

An Update

As you may have noticed, it’s been well over a month since I last posted. I got caught up in life, and things still aren’t settled down, but I really like to write and need this outlet to be accessible once again. So here’s a little run-down of what’s been going on:

  • I finished Camp NaNoWriMo, and got great starts on two wonderful novels, Faltering Faith and it’s companion/prequel Finding Fliss. I fell in love with my characters and actually believe I can do something with this. It’s really exciting for me.
  • I also started a great idea for the actual NaNo in November. I have done so much planning that I think my head will explode, but I think it’s worth it. This is a really ballsy project for me, because it’s the first sci-fi I’ve ever truly attempted, and on top of that I’m trying to create a language (or at least modify Italian) and several societies that must coexist yet still be individualized. It’s intense, and I’m really excited to actually start writing it. 🙂
  • I join the Club Ultimate Frisbee team at my school. I went to the interest meeting because a friend convinced me to, and I fell in love with the team. The people are so amazing, and through them I’ve grown to love the sport as well. It’s hard on my body because I’m not used to high-impact activities such as the running and falling associated with the sport, but it’s satisfying, and I’m getting much better.
  • Speaking of sports, my shoulder surgery was a success, and I have completed physical therapy. I was officially cleared for everything on Tuesday, although my physical therapist had unofficially cleared me for sports and the like long before that. I have no shoulder pain anymore though it does get sore if I overwork it. Also, it feels a bit tight. As I’ve always been double-jointed and extremely flexible (the reason for needing the surgery in the first place), it’s odd to be unable to move the way I used to. It’s just an adjustment I have to make, I guess.
  • I have completed some of my Bucket List items (more on that to come in the following posts). If you go back and look and the original post, you’ll see that some of the items are crossed out. 🙂
  • I quit my job at the movie theatre, applied for a job as a math tutor (got an interview but never heard back about the position), and am currently applying for a position in the Writing Center where writing assistants (which is what I’d be) review essays and make critiques/give suggestions for improvement. It’s definitely my kind of work. Fingers crossed!
  • Final thing: I dyed my hair pink! Like, bright pink. A bit bubblegummy. Actually, I’m in the process of touching up bits of it right now and seriously need to go rinse it out.

Lovely talking to you again, dear imaginary readers! Toodles!