(The finished product is at the bottom of the post!)

I love elephants, and I love being crafty, so I decided to combine two of my greatest loves and learn something new all at once. I bought a cross stitch kit from Hobby Lobby (I can’t find the exact kit I used online, but they have tons, and you could easily find one you liked), and I set to work… after leaving it my junk drawer for several weeks.

Cross stitch was something that looked interesting but that I’d never tried, so I didn’t want to tackle anything too huge (my finished product is about 2″x2″). I found it quite relaxing, and now I’m looking into Stitching Out Stigma, a really amazing organization, as well as just fun little projects. My goal is to stitch at least one row per day. I like that I can take my cross stitching nearly everywhere because it’s fairly small. Also, I don’t have to keep up with a huge ball of yarn!

What are your thoughts on cross stitch? Have you started (or finished) any new projects lately?

Here’s my first cross stitch attempt:

The original pattern wanted me to put ugly spots all over the poor elephant, so I modified it a bit.

The original pattern wanted me to put ugly spots all over the poor elephant, so I modified it a bit.


How to organize your college binder

I’m going to shamelessly steal and modify this great organization system for school this year!

Study. Read. Write.

Having an organized binder for your study material is important. There’s nothing worse than not remembering where exactly you wrote down the homework or getting your papers all mixed up.

Being a student myself and having just re-organized my entire binder, I thought I’d share my system with you.

Free downloads of the cover sheets are available below!

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30-Day Writing Challenge (Day Two)

30 day writing challenge blog

It has been entirely too long since I’ve worked on this supposedly-thirty-day challenge. Oops. I’ve had a lot going on and haven’t felt like getting too personal, quite honestly. I’ve been avoiding responsibility in the most fun ways: binge-watching Supernatural (OMG Sammy is totally my baby I love him so much), finally reading some of the books on my shelf, getting ready for school, and tackling some of my Pinterest board (check out my Mother’s Day project and these Origami hearts). But now I’m going to tackle this. And hopefully I’ll keep up this blog a little better; my goal is to post at least once per week until school starts back, then we’ll see.

So onto the challenge!

#2 asks for my earliest memory.

My earliest memories are kind of odd. I have flashes of noise, colors, smells… things my mind couldn’t quite form into thoughts at the time. So I guess my first real memory, the first one with a story, is actually a really weird dream.

I had the dream when I was about three and in it I was wearing a diaper and standing in a crib and crying. Because I was crying in the middle of the night, my mother became very angry with me and started yelling at me.

At this point, I woke up to find my mother actually standing beside my bed and asking why I was crying. I can very vividly recall sobbing “You were spanking me.” I can also perfectly picture the look of confusion on my mother’s face.

I’m not sure what this means. Are any of you dream analysts? What would Freud say? What’s your first memory?