If you’ve stumbled upon my humble little blog, you may be wondering what it’s all about. The answer? I have no idea. I am in serious need of a creative outlet at this point in my life, and I’ve hit that stage where all of a sudden I’m completely freaked out about never getting any form of recognition for the things I’ve done (we all go through that phase, don’t we?), so I’ve decided that the only logical step is to blog. Wow, I never thought I’d say (or type) that. Basically, I do all this stuff–arts and crafts (most of them Pinterest inspired), school stuff, random writings, whatever–and I occasionally just need to vent about my day, so I’m making this a place where I can do that. Yay for teenage angst! 🙂

So what should you expect from this blog? Projects, recipes, pictures, rants, and SO MUCH MORE! I hope to be able to keep this up, and I hope that you, dear reader (if you exist), will hold me accountable and make me actually finish a project or two. Happy reading!


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