Bucket List?

It’s been over a year since I wrote my bucket list. Wow. Amazingly, I’ve actually managed to complete some of the items on my list. Some will take a bit longer. What’s been bugging me, though, is an item that never made it onto the final draft of the list: Speak at a TED talk.

The point of TED is to spread amazing ideas to the world for free. Subjects range from PMS to psychology to playing games, from serious to silly. The main page is here: TED Talks. My favorite talk (so far) is here: The Voices In My Head. I’ve been watching these talks on YouTube for about two years now. I love them. They’re compelling, and you learn things.

Unfortunately, I have major problems with public speaking. I can barely get through presentations in front of classes of 15 people. I can’t even imagine talking coherently in front of hundreds of people and being filmed. So I changed my list item to “watch a TED talk.”

This did not actually make it onto my list, largely because I assumed that the only people who actually made it into the audiences for these talks were doctors, lawyers, and high-powered CEOs. (This isn’t true; there are many events around the world, and usually all you have to do is buy a ticket.) However, I recently had the opportunity to watch a TED Talk… kind of.

TEDx is the independently organized faction of the TED nonprofit. There are so many great ideas out there that the main organization can’t put all of them on the internet, so they lend their name to groups and individuals who want to put on a talk. One of those groups is based out of my school. Amazingly, for $6 I got lunch, a t-shirt, tons of freebies, and an amazing experience.

Out theme was connection. The speakers were mostly people from my school, with a few other community members thrown in there. Also, not everyone spoke; there were a few musicians and even a break dancer. It was really cool, and I’m so glad I got the opportunity to go, even though I’m not crossing an item off my bucket list.

What are some cool things that you’ve been able to do through your school? Has anyone else out there been to a TED or TEDx event? How was it, and what did you talk about?